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    If you suffer from toe overlap, bunion (Hallux Valgus) or toe abnormality, it is likely that your feet are sore, stiff or irritated at this time. But you don't have to resign yourself to a life of bunion pain.

      A natural and painless solution is in sight. Toe Corrector™ is professionally designed to reduce and remedy bunion pain and get you back on track.


      • Keep your toes straight and healthy - These gel straighteners help reduce friction and pressure between the toes by keeping them aligned while moving.
      • Soft, flexible comfort - Made with a silicone gel, these corrective bunion adjusters are lightweight, stretchable and slip between numbers with supportive comfort.
      • Universal & Unisex - Both men and women can enjoy a proper bunion treatment with these silicone gel palms that extend to fit your personal foot size.

      • Avoid irritations -     It remains unobtrusive for everyone! All you have to do is put on the TOE CORRECTOR™ in your shoes and forget the pain. Exclusive gel conforms, protects and soothes the sensitive part of the bunion. It acts as a barrier, prevents blisters and continues to rub footwear which can lead to increased irritation of the sensitive area

      Customer Reviews

      I love it and it served. Let the hand firmer. I have rheumatoid arthritis and the gloves hold me more firmly in my hands .

      Clark T

      Good gloves, I recommend

      Drew H.

      My arthritis and carpal tunnel have kept my hands achy and swollen for years. The day these arrived my hands were completely flared up and burning. I immediately felt relief from the slight pressure the gloves provide. I ended up falling asleep with them on and woke up with almost no pain! I love them! These are the best ones because they are extremely comfortable and don't cut off circulation - I will definitely be buying another pair!"

      Sarah J.
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